About WRB

“therefore, if ye have desires to serve God, ye are called to the work, for behold, the field is white already to harvest.”

D & C 4:1c

Many years ago, a small group of Saints had a desire to come together in this part of the vineyard.  They had met in various places, but one brother saw this building and saw a church home in the making.  The money to purchase the building was loaned to the branch by another restoration branch, and before the first payment was due, the debt was forgiven...just the beginning of many blessings to come.  The congregation has worked hard over the years to update and renovate the building. 


One thing that has never needed renovating is the Spirit that is present when you walk in the doors.  The membership was pretty strong for about 20 years, having as many as 70 or more on a Sunday, and up to 100 or more on the church rolls.  Like many congregations, we have had our share of ups and downs, plenty and lean.  Our membership is comprised of families from Richmond, Kearney, Lawson, Liberty, as well as Excelsior Springs.  Right now we are experiencing the leaner times with our membership, but no matter how many people are there, whether 20 on a Sunday or 5 on a Wednesday, we are always so blessed with the sweet, sweet Spirit of the Lord, Jesus Christ. 


Come and share the Spirit with us!


15528 Washington School Rd., Excelsior Springs,

Steve Ferdig, Pastor, 816-210-1544

15528 Washington School Rd., Excelsior Springs, MO